Saltus Athletic Academy

Forging strong, powerful athletes and changing the way Canada thinks about strength & conditioning and athletic development.

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Quality athletic development

At Saltus Athletic Academy, we produce talented athletes and weekend warriors across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  We emphasize genuine, traditional strength training, and value creating a strong culture of toughness, discipline, hard work in a fun and inviting community atmosphere.

Training for Runners

Looking for training for a triathlon, 10K, or simply maximizing your active lifestyle?  We’ll help you prevent injury and improve your performance.

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Training for Weekend Warriors

Looking to be a stronger weekend warrior, or aiming to look and feel better? We’ll train you like an athlete to help you achieve your goals.

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Youth Multi-Sport Training

Looking to jump higher, accelerate faster, hit harder, and stay healthy? Many youth athletes from gr.4-12 choose us to help them make their school and club teams, and earn scholarships.

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Private & Semi-Private Training

If you’re looking for extra attention to fine tune your technique, work on specific skills, and have everything catered to your needs, our private & semi-private training options may be an ideal option for you.  This is also a great option for those just starting out, or those returning from injury.

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Real Training.

Real Results.

Imagine a pool of prospects who ooze potential.  They’re raw, but ready to work. First, imagine we put them through our strength program. They’re stronger, aggressive, and explosive. Now they’re dominant…but we’re not done yet. Now, imagine we enhance their skills.  They’ve now got a deadly new arsenal of weapons to strike with, at top speed.

Now, they’re unstoppable.

Hear what our athletes are saying

  • Training with Saltus Athletic Academy really compliments other clubs. Strength and conditioning with Saltus has been the best training I’ve had in my young career. Sean taught me everything I need to know about weightlifting, and told me how to lift safely.

    Mindy Minhas - BC Provincial MVP, 'AAAA' Basketball
  • I never used to workout a lot, because I just use to play basketball all the time and never did any weight training at all. Since I’ve got back from my season in Europe, I’ve been doing a lot of training with Sean, and it just helped me get a lot stronger, quicker, faster, and jump higher.

    Joey Haywood - Professional Basketball Player
  • I got stronger and quicker, but when I started training with Saltus, I was beating people to the ball more and getting steals and things that I never used to get. It got me a confidence in my game that I didn’t have before that. Saltus is something that will definitely benefit the player without taking away from club basketball.

    Alex Coote - BC Provincial MVP, 'A' Basketball
  • “I approached Saltus because after finishing my NCAA career, I needed someone qualified as a strength & conditioning coach and that also had similar beliefs as the coaches that I had while playing NCAA D1 basketball, and Saltus came highly recommended from a trusted friend.  In between college basketball and the first couple of years of my professional career, I had some injuries.  Saltus helped me get my body back strong and healthy on top of posting personal records in the weight room.  Maintaining my off-season gains while in-season has been huge for me.  I’ve had my best seasons as a basketball player since going to Saltus in the summer.  My body feels strong and healthy at the end of the season when other players are falling apart.  One thing I like about Saltus is the back and forth feedback between coach and athlete.  In my opinion, this is crucial in order to know how hard to push or if we need to cut back, so we don’t cause any injuries.  I would recommend everyone to Saltus, whether you’re an aspiring athlete, professional, or just a regular person trying to get in shape.”

    Diego Kapelan - Professional Basketball Player
  • I approached Saltus based on a previous relationship with Miguel Olfato in order to transition from several years away from competitive sport into playing basketball again at the university level.  Strength training with Saltus made that transition possible and has helped me to develop strength and explosiveness while also contributing to injury prevention.  Without the help of Sean and Miguel I would not be able to compete at the level I can today.  Every workout is functional and tailored to both sport specific movements and my individual needs.  Miguel is adaptable, knowledgeable, and encouraging and is passionate about helping his athletes strive for their peak performance.  By working with small groups, individual instruction and corrections are possible which helps to ensure safe and maximally beneficial training.  I would recommend strength training at Saltus to any athelte who is serious about working hard and putting in the time to improve in their sport.  Saltus provides the environment and resources necessary to train at the highest levels.

    Geoff Pippus - University of Alberta Golden Bears basketball

Put in work, so you can do work.

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