ma strength training cues coaching
ma strength training cues coaching

Ma Jianping of Ma Strength providing detailed training cues

Training cues can make a big difference in the results your clients, athletes, or patients achieve.  As such, I believe that one of the most important concepts that a strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, physiotherapist, etc., should understand is that small, and often times perceived unnecessary, training cues can make a huge difference in whether or not an exercise is:

1) Causing or preventing injury

2) Getting the athlete/client the maximum benefit from the exercise

3) Doing what it’s supposed to


Take the squat for example…the goblet Squat, the front squat, the back squat.  Simple training cues such as brace your stomach, root your feet into the ground, spread the floor, and pull back & down the lats can mean the difference between:

1) Having stable and strong hips, or not

2) Keeping the spine in a neutral and safe position, or in a curved and harmful position

3) Having proper posture of the thoracic spine, or curved and dangerous/unbeneficial

If you are not getting maximum benefit, or are unable to perform the exercise as you should be able to, try thinking about which basic training cues you may be forgetting.