Saltus Athletic Academy / WPGA weight room COVID-19 guidelines

 Anyone who enters the facility will agree that:
o they have not had any COVID-19 symptoms within the last 10 days
o Been under the direction of the provincial health officer or required to self-isolate
o Arrived from outside of Canada or been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case,
 Maximum of 4 clients and 2 coaches being allowed to be in the facility at onetime until further notice. Maximum capacity of the fitness centre will be 6 persons.
 Saltus coaches will be directed to stay home if sick and will be reminded of proper hygiene practices.
 At the beginning of each session, clients will have the equipment that they will be using brought to their designated space in the gym. At this time, their equipment will be thoroughly disinfected, and hands sanitized.
 No physical cueing by coaches to their clients will be allowed. Wherever possible, coaches will maintain physical distance requirements
 At the end of each session, trainees will again disinfect their equipment, and sanitize their hands.
 Any high touch areas will be thoroughly disinfected before and after each training session by Saltus staff and by hired cleaner.
 Certain high touch areas such as door handles and the filing cabinet will be disinfected at the beginning and end of the day. The doors to the weight room and the Jericho Hill CC facility will be left open during the day to minimize their use.
 Hand sanitizer will be available for clients to use within the weight room, along with the hand sanitizer stations installed in the lobby.
 All users will bring their own water bottles, with enough water to last the duration of their workout.
 All users will be instructed that washrooms will be used on an emergency basis.
 All users will be instructed to arrive specifically at the time of their session and will not be allowed to loiter in the weight room, the lobby area, or directly outside the doors to the Jericho Hill CC facilities.
 Session length will be 50 minutes with a 10-minute buffer between clients to allow a Saltus coach to disinfectant any high touch areas and prepare the training floor for its’ next use.
 Masks will be optional but not mandatory.
 Equipment will be spaced appropriately to ensure minimum 6 feet between work-out stations
 Equipment will be wiped down before and after every use (signage will be clear reminders)
 Nonstationary equipment will be gathered for to facilitate cleaning
 If equipment is used outdoors, the equipment will be sanitized prior to being brought back into the Jericho Hill CC.
 Users will be requested to bring all personal equipment with them (belts, blocks, gloves)
Client expectations and procedures
 If clients are displaying any symptoms at all, they will be instructed to stay home.
 If clients have traveled outside of Canada it is still a requirement that they have self-quarantined for 14 days upon their return.
 Upon arrival to the Jericho Hill CC facility, clients will be required to wait outside until their session time. Saltus clients will enter through the back door of the fitness centre. Clients will not be able to enter the facility without permission from their Saltus coach.
 Washrooms will be available for emergency use only and will be unavailable to be used as a changeroom.
 Water fountains will be off limits until further notice, clients will need to bring their own water bottle with enough water to last them the duration of their session.
 Hands must be sanitized at the beginning of each session.

 Always maintain 2 meters of distance between all others using the facility, including your personal trainer.

 Saltus trainers are not permitted to do physical cueing until further notice.

 Clients training indoors in private and semi-private sessions will not be permitted to use equipment from other training stations.