Stronger Runner

Looking for strength training for a marathon, 10K, or simply maximizing your active lifestyle?  We’ll help you prevent injury and improve your performance.

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Weekend Warrior

Looking to be a stronger weekend warrior, or aiming to look and feel better? We’ll train you like an athlete to help you achieve your goals.

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Youth Basketball and Multi-Sport Training

Looking to jump higher, accelerate faster, hit harder, and stay healthy? Many youth athletes from gr.4-12 choose us to help them make their school and club teams, and earn scholarships.

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Saltus Apr-16

Private & Semi-Private Training

If you’re looking for extra attention to fine tune your technique, work on specific skills, and have everything catered to your needs, our private & semi-private training options may be an ideal option for you.  This is also a great option for those just starting out, or those returning from injury.

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